The Grind

Haley Florell



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” Where there is no struggle there is no strength”

What does the grind mean to me?

Mental Determination

For grades 9 to 10 I traveled to Prince George two to three times a week for wrestling practices.  Being 4 hours round trip it was very challenging for me to fit in schooling as I would leave right after school and not be home until as late as eleven o’clock. Balancing school and sports was difficult and stressful.  Going through this experience gave me a huge mental push and taught me perseverance as well as how to sleep in cars.

After traveling for 2 years, I received the opportunity to attend Engage Sport North at UNBC.  Two weeks before my grade 11 year I moved  from Mackenzie into my grandmother’s home in Prince George BC so I could jump on this opportunity.  Due to school catchment areas BC School Sports denied my application to represent  my new school PGSS. This provided alot of stress and challenges as the wrestling season was coming fast. Having to sit out from all highschool sanctioned tournaments in BC  I searched for other tournaments that I could attend and continued to train hard.  The northern wrestling community has been very supportive in allowing me to wrestle exhibitions and attend various practices in the north to improve my skill.

Physical Perseverance

As wrestling is a contact sport I have had many injuries

  • Grade 8- Shingles
  • Grade 9- Rash that kept me off the mat, hyper extended left elbow
  • Grade 10- Torn meniscus in left knee, right knee suffered due to over compensation damage. Right hand severely bruised bone
  • Grade 11- Sprained ankle, continued pain in both knees.

“Success in life comes when you simply refuse to give up, with goals so strong that obstacles, failure, and loss only act as motivation”- Kushandwizoom

The grind means you push through the hard stuff.

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